Memorial monument built by Tony LaPorte
Monument Beautification Project

Commemorative to Those Who Served Our Country in War and Times of Peace
(from the monument)

Wars had an enormous effect on Canadian Rural life as young people enlisted to serve “king and country”. The reality of war came very close when the St. Joseph airstrip was constructed near here in 1941 to allow pilots to practice landings and take offs away from the main airbase at Centralia. According to local folklore, the St. Joseph site was chosen because of its resemblance to the English cliffs of Dover and the flatness of the landscape.

This plaque commemorates those from St. Joseph area who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country in wars of the twentieth century. Never again will they know the beauty of these shores, the sunsets and the colours of the earth.

All we enjoy we owe to them.

This plaque is also dedicated to those from this area who served and continue to serve the cause of peace and justice in the world.


Clayton Bossenberry
did a couple of tours of duty in France and was wounded and sent to a hospital in Perth Scotland.

Andre Joseph Cantin
served as a paratrooper during the Cuban Missile Crisis

Charles Joseph Cantin
WW2 Pacific Theatre, stationed aboard supply ship USS James O’Hara
Died November 17, 1945 aboard ship upon their return to San Francisco

Eugene Marcel Cantin
WW2 Pacific Theatre, stationed aboard aircraft carrier USS Kitcun Bay.
The ship earned 5 battle stars, one of them being the battle of Leyte Gulf

Napoleon Edward Cantin
WW2 Pacific Theatre
Army Corp of Engineers

Pierre Joseph Cantin
served during the Korean War as a tank mechanic

Steven Cantin
served in the Iraq War

Maxim Corriveau (Currivean) son of Joseph Corriveau and Matilda Gravelle.
born  November 23rd, 1894,  St. Joseph, Ontario, Canada, was a farrier with the Veterinary Detachment 329th A, 85th Division, N.A.  He enlisted in Detroit, Michigan on 6 May 1917  

Alfred Ducharme, son of Joseph Ducharme and Marie Geoffroy
served during WW1 for the US