The Creative Team, Cast and Crew

The Playwright – Paul Ciufo

paulciufoPaul Ciufo’s new thriller/murder mystery A Killing Snow launched Blyth Festival’s 2010 season.

Ciufo’s Reverend Jonah premièred at Blyth Festival and was the hit of the 2007 season. Published by Scirocco Drama, Reverend Jonah was a finalist for the 2008 Governor General’s Literary Awards.

His radio drama On Convoy was produced and broadcasted nationally by CBC Radio in 2002. On Convoy was originally a stage play produced by Goderich Little Theatre Company.

Paul works full-time as a financial planner in Exeter. He lives in Grand Bend with his wife Julie and their daughters Celia and Brynn.

The Director – Duncan McGregor

DuncanDuncan McGregor has extensive experience as a professional theatre director and more recently with ambitious projects at Goderich Little Theatre, including the current sold-out production Dr. Barnardo’s Children and last season’s Betty Bylorski Finds a Home. These were both very popular historical epics with very large casts including a large number of children. Duncan also dramaturged and directed Tim Cumming’s The Tiger’s Lion, a story about Tiger Dunlop and On Convoy, Ciufo’s enormously successful play.

The project will be supported by many experienced designers in the community for set, prop, costume, lighting, sound and music under the attentive eye of the Director, Duncan McGregor. The project administrator, Karen Stewart, has 23 years experience in administration, marketing and development with the Blyth Festival. The professional team also includes:

. Musical Director Arlene Darnbrough, who will also compose the music and lend sound elements to the project. She will provide live music during each performance.

. Technical Director, Ross Barnett, who will oversee sound, lighting and all technical aspects of the production.

. Set Decorator/Costume Designer, Sherri Milburn, who has extensive experience in both professional and community theatre productions.

. Steve Allen, a local stage manager, has worked with the director on a number of prior projects and is fully capable of keeping the production organized. He will have community volunteers assist him in co-ordinating the sheer number of performers and musicians.

Each of these individuals has extensive experience in producing community theatre, including outdoor productions, and each has extensive roots in the Huron County community. These artists make their living in other careers now but their love for this form of theatre is essential for the quality of the production.

Claudette Leger, a local French Canadian educator has joined the team to be an advisor for the language of the script, accents and traditional music. This increases the authenticity of the French Canadian culture within an English environment. She is a tremendous resource.

The Cast and Crew:

Narcisse will be performed by volunteers recruited from the community. Musicians and choristers will be integral to telling this story too.

The Performers:

Susan Armstrong | Jillian Bjelan | Robin Bjelan | Rachel Bundy | Rob Bundy | Mathieu Burdan | Ally Connelly | Courtney Conway | Christa Ducharme | Lucas Ducharme | Cosette Gelinas | Martin Gelinas | Anna Gleason | JP Gleason | Patrick Gleason | Courtney Groot | Amelia Harvey | Olivia Harvey |
Shaun Harvey | Sydney Harvey | Charlotte Hartman | Tania Harvey | Niki Holland | Donovan Jeffrey | Monica Jeffrey | Anastasia Kubrak | Emma Laporte | Cam Laurie | Claudette Leger | Jamie McLellan | Sara Nogueira | Cappy Onn | Abby Parsons | Tyler Parsons | Elliot Paulger | Lora-Lea Paulger | Barb Pepper | Amanda Pittao | Aimee Rau | Veronica Rau | Caroline Regier | Rachael Regier | Zoey Regier | Marcel Richard | Faith Robinson | Skylagh Robinson | Dave Seibert | Bev Shea | Larissa Shea | Katrina Steckle | Isaac Van Aken | Nigel Van Aken | Brendan Walker | Roberta Ann Walker

The large corps of volunteers involved with the project now will continue to be so along with dozens more as we raise funds, collect props, build sets, source costumes, co-ordinate seating and venue needs, recruit parking attendants, and arrange for ushers, back-stage dressers and production assistants.