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A Drum To Beat Upon by Joseph L. Wooden & Commemorative Brother André Plaque

The Book: A Drum to Beat Upon

By Joseph L. Wooden, this book tells the “story of St. Joseph, Ontario, the City that never was on the shores of Lake Huron and Narcisse Cantin the ‘Wizard of St. Joseph'”. Published April 1971.

Cost: $20 plus shipping. Please mail cheque or money order payable to “The St. Joseph & Area Historical Society”.

The Plaque: Brother André & St. Joseph Commemorative Plaque

This commemorative plaque was created by area sculptor Frank Moore. It depicts Brother André praying to St. Joseph who is holding Baby Jesus. The plaque is made from the original mold created in the Cantin Novelty Factory and copyrighted in 1955. Please note, due to the nature of the plaque, colour variations in the concrete are not exactly as shown and can differ slightly plaque to plaque.

In the bottom left corner it reads “St. Joseph” and in the bottom right corner it reads “Pray for us” in English and French (“Priez pour nous”). The initials “JMJ” appear in the bottom right corner. In the upper left corner is the Cross.

Cost: $25. Due to the nature of this plaque and its weight, this item is available for purchase in person only.